Yoga Nidra ~ Divine Sleep

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Yoga Nidra ~ Divine Sleep
Experience Deep Relaxation

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra combines a full body scan with breath awareness, and adds a visual and sense component. It’s often called yogic sleep, because it induces states of mind that are between being asleep and being awake, resulting in deep relaxation, profound healing and rejuvenation. Most of the elements and principles of yoga nidra originally come from traditional teachings on yoga, breath awareness, and the five koshas (see image below). There are eight stages to Yoga Nidra ~ Divine Sleep, and as you move through the stages, you’re also moving through the five koshas, or layers, of your being. Each stage opens the doorway to the next stage, as you move deeper into relaxation.

What are the physiological effects of yoga nidra?

When you consciously relax, you’re switching off the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze) and switching on the healing qualities of the parasympathetic nervous system. We spend most of our time in active “doing” (sympathetic) mode, and not enough in the relaxation mode of “being”.

Yoga Nidra allows us to reach the most profound levels of relaxation possible. It opens a doorway to a place where we can see ourselves and our lives in the most positive light.  From here we are able to be more mindful & peace-full throughout our day from breath to breath.  The world around us begins to look and feel much more vibrant.  This is because the outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

“Yoga Nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. In this lies the secret of self healing. Yoga Nidra is a pratyahara technique in which the distractions of the mind are contained and the mind is relaxed.” – Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Five Koshas

Five Koshas


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