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Yoga In Action ~ NEW Curriculum

Yoga in Action is Off the mat, into the World Organization‘s grassroots movement that brings the Off the Mat experience to your local area. This workshop series provides an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, develop relationships with other yogis and activists in your area and collaborate on creating real change.

Yoga in Action small groups allow participants to embark on a journey of self-inquiry with the support of a small group of peers that leads to action within our community and outside world. OTM’s vision is to seed these small groups of change in communities to inspire collaboration and connection among our community of yoga activists.


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During this workshop series we will guide you through an intensive transformational process using yoga and other tools to uncover your deepest passion and motivation.  We will then offer practical ways for each of you to begin to bring your own unique purpose into the world as action with the support and inspiration of your community.

Take your yoga practice to the next level…

This workshop series is an opportunity to discover the connections between the yogic path and the way of divine service or Seva. We will combine yoga asanas, meditation and visualization, experiential exercises, process work and ritual with the practical tools of communication, organizing and collaborating.  Participants will leave with skills to help them be more effective leaders and agents of change in the world.

IMG_8362Make a difference… now!

Our  modern challenge is to know that we each can make a difference and that our life is purposeful and rich with meaning. Our aim is to inspire each of you to become active in your local or global community in an effective, sustainable and joyful way.

This Yoga in Action Workshop Series will include:   

Self-Inquiry: Who am I? What is my Purpose?
Transformational Journey Work: transforming our wounds into tools for healing.
Community: Conscious collaboration skills.
Action: creating a group project that makes a difference.

“The essence of true leadership is one who holds the space for the brilliance of others.” ~ Caroline Myss

Workshops held at Urban Mystics Retreat in Edgemont Village North Vancouver
Please contact us to book your private small group sessions and join a powerful, passionate community of Yogis!  8 participants minimum.
Partial Revenue goes back to
Off the Mat into the World Organization.

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