Celebrating the Goddess

 “The world will be saved by the Western Women”
~ His Holiness The Dali Lama


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Celebrating the Goddess Nights

Celebrating the Goddess was founded  by Dr. Alexina Mehta in 2007 and I am delighted to have trained with her as a Facilitator.  Celebrating the Goddess is committed to supporting the highest expression of a women embodied and is a space for women to come together and be inspired, authentic and connected in a community of like-minded women. In our space, we recognize that each woman is sacred. Monthly evening events, day workshops, retreats, fundraisers and conferences are some of the opportunities for you to join us. We would love you to contribute to our mission to wake women up all over the world into their Goddess nature.

Each event is based around a relevant and engaging topic for the modern woman. Some topics we have worked with include: Creating Prosperity, How to Attract Your Soul mate, Bringing Light Into Life, Learning to Connect to Your Angels, Balancing the Masculine and Feminine, Accessing the Energy of Miracles, Connecting to Mother Earth, Journey through the Chakras and many others. At the core of the events, we use innovative energy medicine techniques to assist women in transforming and creating more powerfully in their lives. Some of the techniques include: intuition development practices, sound healing and music, story-telling, meditation, sacred movement, Yoga, dance, ceremony and ritual. The women who come to our events are interested in living their full potential and looking for effective strategies and a community of women to help them along the way. At Celebrating the Goddess, we are committed to creating spaces that activate and guide women into their Goddess nature: Beautiful, Resilient and Magnificent. We believe every woman is a Goddess and we are here to help you see that you are.  Come to one of our events and you can join the movement to empower yourself and those around you.

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Karen Lakshmi Tobin

Returning to the Sacred Feminine Circle

For thousands of years, in tribes and villages around the world women have come together in circles to share, teach, listen, learn and support & inspire greatness within one another! The pulse of this divine feminine energy lives and beats within each one us today. Their wisdom and grace flows through time, whispering to us the song of sacred feminine connection and beauty. We need only to come to stillness and connect to our hearts to hear these whispers.

Most of Celebrating the Goddess Northshore Events begin on the yoga mat.  No experience necessary.  All forms of yoga are of gentle and restorative nature as well as some meditation.

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I work in collaboration with Celebrating The Goddess​ & the Founder/Creatress Dr. Alexina Mehta​

Partial Event Proceeds go towards Empowering, Educating and Celebrating Women & Girls in our Global Family through Yogatta be the Change​ ~ this website:)

You belong here ~ 

You belong here if your body, mind and soul need to dis-connect from the buzz of traffic, noise, errands, laundry, graciously caring for others and wish to unplug from social media.

You belong here if your spirit sings at the thought of sitting quietly in a circle of like-minded women who love to share, create, explore, ponder, giggle and muse on what is most potent, radiant and precious to our soul’s growth and expansion.

You belong here if you are ready for a deep-sea dive into the warm, bubbly waters of extraordinary self-care, where the greatest encouragement you’ll receive is to Take Care of YOU.

Your Investment ~
$20 pre~registration only please (limited space)

+ sharing your lovely energy☺
Tea & cookies included!

Note: Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to a friend! 

Where is the next Event?

Urban Mystics Retreat
Edgemont Village
North Vancouver

When is the next Event? TBC ~ Check back soon please:)

You may find more information here for Kits Beach Area
Celebrating the Goddess events with Alexina Mehta.  



Partial Revenue from Karen’s CTG events goes to various service projects
supported by Yogatta Be The Change.




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