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Restorative Therapeutics connects us to our parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation, rejuvenation and healing our body and mind. By connecting to this system, you experience many physical benefits including; lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduced stress levels, stimulation of the immune and endocrine system; improvement in digestion, fertility, balances hormones; reduction in muscle tension, insomnia, anxiety, active-mind and fatigue.  When our adrenal glands are depleted, our parasympathetic nervous system becomes unbalanced. A balanced parasympathetic nervous system enables us to have strong digestion, good sleep, a strong immune system and a feeling of overall calm within the body-mind and spirit.

Restorative Therapeutics invites us to pay attention to the many luminous connections that exist within the five dimensions of our being; body, breath, mind, spirit and bliss.  These five dimensions are known in yoga as the Five Koshas or sheath bodies; Annamaya Kosha ~ physical, Pranamaya Kosha ~ breath, Manomaya Kosha ~ mental/emotional, Vijnanamaya Kosha ~ wisdom and the Anandamaya Kosha ~ Bliss.   It’s through the exploration of Koshas that we experience the healing power of Yoga.

11 Benefits of Restorative Yoga Therapeutics

Slows down the pace of life
Healing for the Nervous System
Cultivates Mindfulness
Embodies Transcendence
Cultivates Heightened Body Awareness
Deepens Self Awareness
Creates Deliberateness of Action
Strengthens Acceptance and Healthy Detachment
Opens Ones Heart to Divine Love
Cultivates Safety and Nourishment
Connects you to the Divine ~ your higher power

Restorative Yoga Therapeutics Sessions Include ~

Initial Consultation
~ to review your whole body wellness, injuries, illness, dis-ease or other concerns.

Variety of tools
~ Body Awareness, Yoga Nidra, Visualizations, Pranayama, Healing Touch, Energy Therapy, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Deep Healing Relaxation while being fully supported with props & blankets in 4-5 Restorative Yoga Postures.

Each Session is customized for your healing journey. 

Initial Consultation Session is 2 hours
Each Consecutive Session is 90 minutes

Partial Revenue goes to various service projects
supported by Yogatta Be The Change.

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