Cultivate Deeper Peace and Whole Being Wellness

Cultivate Deeper Peace and Whole Being Wellness
Through Restorative Yoga

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For a lovely evening of conversation, deep relaxation, tea with therapeutic essential oils and a Restorative Yoga Practice!

This evenings event would interest you if you are wishing to learn new tools to relax, nourish and restore all aspects of your being on levels of:

* Physical
* Energy
* Emotional
* Wisdom
* Bliss


What’s going on in our bodies?

Our parasympathetic nervous systems are overloaded and most of us continue to operate on empty. Our reserves are depleted. Our adrenals are weak. Our energy is low. We are simply exhausted. Many of us live a lifestyle of “doing” and we have forgotten how to simply BE.  This is because we live in a world of DOing.  The doing energy is the Yang ~ the masculine aspects of self.  The being energy is that of the feminine ~ the Yin energies.   We ALL have both masculine and feminine energies within.  However, we have been living in a very masculine energy world for far too long. This world has been very much of the DOing energy.  Hence the state of our health and that of our planet.   We are all now being called to listen to the wisdom of the body and connect, nourish and honour the divine feminine aspects of self.  The Yin.  The BEing.  This is of vital importance for ones wellbeing and to prevent burnout, illness, disease and a feeling of passion-lessness in ones life.

Restorative yoga emphasizes relaxing into postures for five to fifteen minutes each, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When our adrenal glands are depleted, our parasympathetic nervous system becomes unbalanced. A balanced parasympathetic nervous system enables us to have strong digestion, good sleep, a strong immune system and a feeling of overall calm.

If your breathing ~ and I am sure you are ~ then you are seeking more nourishing, bliss-full moments of BEing.  Whether you are fully conscious of it or not.

Universal Law ~ What is in One is in the Whole
So my lovely friends..this is an inside job.  We have a spiritual responsibility to care for Self so that this state of well-being emanates out into the world so that all beings on this planet can be free from suffering and live in Harmony.

There are many Universal Laws of which governs our Planet and of every being on it.  This is just one of them.

Who doesn’t want more of the BEing energy?  It is what we are all striving for in our daily lives.  You have the power within to awaken and embody this BEing energy simply beginning with your breath.

11 Benefits of Restorative Yoga Therapeutics

Slows down the pace of life
Healing for the Nervous System
Cultivates Mindfulness
Embodies Transcendence
Cultivates Heightened Body Awareness
Deepens Self Awareness
Creates Deliberateness of Action
Strengthens Acceptance and Healthy Detachment
Opens Ones Heart to Divine Love
Cultivates Safety and Nourishment
Connects you to the Divine ~ your higher power

Please join me for a divine evening of nourishing your beautiful being and learn more about the Five Koshas, our parasympathetic nervous system, how to cultivate an extraordinary self care practice, how to honour your beautiful temple and enjoy a full 90 minute Restorative Yoga Therapeutics Practice as well as a taste of Yoga Nidra.  Then float home to your favourite pillow and slip into a bliss-full dream state.

Five Koshas

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Namaste Lovely Ones

 Partial Revenue goes to various service projects
supported by Yogatta Be The Change.




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