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Beloved Friends,

I am in the midst of studying to become a Coach for the Conscious Uncoupling Process founded by my teacher Katherine Woodward Thomas. A process that I personally went through as I shifted from an 18 year marriage to a wonderful friendship and child-centered co-parenting relationship. This month we are starting our practicum process and we are looking for coaching clients from anywhere in the world as our sessions can be in person or via skype. This would serve individuals who are going through a challenging time within a relationship, breakup, separation, or divorce. If you know anyone who is going through this experience and may wish to know more about how to transition through this difficult time, could you please connect them with me?  The coaching is provided without cost. Here is some brief background information:

The Conscious Uncoupling process is designed to help people find new and more graceful ways to transition through the pain of a breakup or a divorce, instead of falling into depression or destructive behavioral patterns that pain can trigger in a breakup.  A breakup experience can be the most difficult emotional and psychological experience anyone will ever experience in life with most people left feeling many negative and deeply painful emotions. The emotional imprints of breakups are even more damaging when children are involved. Relationship breakups can be very traumatic and it is our wish to offer tools that can help you navigate your way through this tender-heart experience.

As a coach we work with one person in the couple. Typically, our clients are those who are willing to go within to look at themselves for information and answers. They also may have seen habitual patterns in their relationships from which they want to be free.   By looking within, we can help them find a way to access their own emotional freedom that will provide a foundation to create a “happily even after” life – regardless of what the former partner does or doesn’t do.  If both members of a couple wish to take advantage of this process, we could refer them to our community of “coaches in training” to be coached by different coaches as this is for the highest good of the couple.

This process can be used for people who are in various stages of relationships.

*          Perhaps they are wishing to leave a relationship but do not know how to take the steps.

*          They may be recovering from a breakup and just can’t seem to move on.

*          They may be in the midst of a breakup.

*          Or they are facing divorce and wish to do what is very best for themselves and their children.

*          Or perhaps a loved one has left their physical body and they wish to honour their
life together through this process and complete the sacred contract so they may move
forward in freedom, love and peace.

The practicum takes 6 weeks, between September 25nd – October 31st.  We have an initial 20 minute phone call and would then schedule 6 one-hour coaching sessions, which are free.  In exchange for the free coaching, the client commits to go through the entire process during the time frame, which includes the sessions themselves plus spending about 30 – 45 minutes a week, reading a chapter in the book, reflecting and preparing for the next session.  At the conclusion, they will complete a feedback form about the coaching experience for our training center.  Because this is a training program, the coach will debrief the coaching process during a mentor session call with 8 other coaches – the client’s identity and personal story will be kept confidential.

Our community of coaches are supported and trained by inspiring change-makers such as Family and Relationship Therapists, Psychologists, Trauma Counsellors, Grief & Somatic Therapists, Domestic Violence Therapists, Yoga Therapists, Judges and Lawyers who have left the traditional system and who have stepped into changing the legal landscape of Divorce as innovative dispute collaborators. All of these inspiring people embody conscious business and personal practices.   Many have written best seller books and are training professionals around the world for the wellbeing of couples and children.  There are about 70 coaches in training all over the world, and this coaching can be provided in person, by phone, over Skype – whichever works best for the client.  You may also know potential clients that don’t live near you; which is okay as we can likely provide a coach from anywhere in the world.

Visit this website: – watch a brief 2-minute video of Katherine explaining what Conscious Uncoupling is.

The book is available in any bookstore or available online here:… 

Thank you for reading this and sharing the opportunity with anyone you know who might be a good partner for this process.  I am personally guiding three clients through this process free of charge. 

Karen Petersen Sainas

 “A Conscious Uncoupling is a breakup or divorce that is characterized by a tremendous amount of goodwill, generosity, and respect, where those separating strive to do minimal damage to themselves, to each other, and to their children (if they have any), as well as intentionally seek to create new agreements and structures designed to set everyone up to win, flourish,
and thrive moving forward in life.”  ~ Katherine Woodward Thomas





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